pgBackRest: PostgreSQL S3 backups

This tutorial explains how to backup PostgreSQL database using pgBackRestopen in new window and S3.


pgBackRest is a modern PostgreSQL Backup & Restore solution that has all the features you may ever need:

  • Parallel backup and restore.
  • Full, differential, and incremental backups.
  • Delta restore.
  • ZSTD compression.
  • Encryption.
  • And many moreopen in new window.


Ubuntu provides pre-compiled packages for pgbackrest:

sudo apt install pgbackrest


Stanza is a pgBackRest configuration for a PostgreSQL database cluster. Most db servers only have one db cluster and therefore one stanza.

Repository is where pgBackRest stores backups and archives WAL segments.


Let's create a basic directory structure for configs and logs:

mkdir -m 770 /var/log/pgbackrest
chown postgres:postgres /var/log/pgbackrest
mkdir /etc/pgbackrest

And save the following config in /etc/pgbackrest/pgbackrest.conf:


repo1-retention-full=3 # keep last 3 backups

# Force a checkpoint to start backup immediately.
# Use delta restore.

# Enable ZSTD compression.


For point-in-time recoveryopen in new window, you also need to configure PostgreSQL to upload WAL files to S3:

archive_mode = on
archive_command = 'pgbackrest --stanza=demo archive-push %p'
archive_timeout = 300

Full backup

Full backup copies all files in a database cluster.

sudo -u postgres pgbackrest --type=full --stanza=demo backup

Differential backup

Differential backup only copies files that have changed since the last full backup. It is smaller than a full backup, but to restore it you will need the base full backup.

sudo -u postgres pgbackrest --type=diff --stanza=demo backup

Incremental backup

Incremental backup only copies files that have changed since the last backup (full, differential, or incremental). It is smaller than a full or differential backup, but to restore it you will need all dependant backups.

sudo -u postgres pgbackrest --type=incr --stanza=demo backup

Backup restore

To restore the cluster from the last backup:

sudo -u postgres pgbackrest --stanza=demo --delta restore

To view all available backups:

sudo -u postgres pgbackrest --stanza=demo info


pgBackRest is a reliable backup tool that requires miminum configuration. To achieve a good balance between backup size and restoration time, you can create a full backup weekly and a differential/incremental backup daily.

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